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A Caribbean Celebration of Safe, Guilt-free Pleasure


Welcome to the Ev-O!-lution website and home of the Simply O! Blog.

Ev-O!-lution is a social start up based in the Caribbean. This, our beloved region, which gave birth to the likes of Rihanna and Niki Minaj, perfected the sweet wine, and love wutlessness – unapologetically so. Yet on the topic of sexuality, our people are often mute, judgmental and downright close-minded. What’s up with that?

Ev-O!-lution was created to celebrate safe, guilt-free pleasure.

We believe in a positive approach to sexuality, open communication, promotion of body-safe materials and ingredients, and individual empowerment through exploration.

Adult sex education is at the core of our brand and we are committed to providing sex positive information with a Caribbean twist. Through our Simply O! Blog and O! Newsletter you can expect safer sex and relationship tips, opinion pieces and product reviews that help to enhance your sexual relationships and explore your own sexuality.

Ev-O!-lution also offers a range of products like condoms, lubricants, romance items and pleasure products from innovative and reputable brands not widely available in the Caribbean market. We love to geek out on identifying the best brands and products for you to try, especially for those with sensitive bodies.

Whether you’re conservative or adventurous, we do the research to recommend the best options tailored specifically to your innermost needs, wants and desires. With a focus on exploration, we encourage our customers to try different options through condom and lube variety packs, O! romance starter kits, and guidance on sex toys available on the market with your pleasure, relationship preference and health in mind.

Are you ready to explore the best intimate accessories for you and your partner(s) to take your sex life from bleh to boom? Perhaps you are looking for gift options and/or prizes for bachelor and bachelorette parties or safer sex events? We are currently working to set up our online store, however you can contact us at via email at info@ev-o-lution.com or by calling 1 (246) 571-5220 to find out more and for a discrete and personalised service that you deserve. A delivery service is currently available on the South and West coast of Barbados on orders over BBD$30.

We have a number of projects and initiatives in the near future including the release of the anthology, “Senseisha: Memoirs of the Caribbean Woman” in partnership with GetWrite! and upcoming interactive and informative Ev-O!-lution workshops and special events.

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